Monday, July 19, 2010

Richert Kids Together Again

The last week of June we were reunited with the Sr. Richerts as they jumped from Ecuador to Idaho to California, and back to Idaho before their final destination: Vietnam! We are so excited for them and their newest teaching adventure overseas, and thankful we were able to spend time with them before they left the U.S. once again. We have way too much fun with them (not that it shows in this first pic at all) and are always saying that someday we need to live in the same place... considering we've never lived in the same state and now are hardly ever even in the same country!

Our visit started with Jon and me picking up Dave and Danielle in San Fransisco and spending the night there, giving us time to take the city by storm. It was our first night away from Kealani, and I don't want to talk about it. ;) Back on the central coast we proceeded to eat lots of food, play lots of cards, and spend every day in a different corner of the county. I love these guys!!


Hike along the bluffs on Hwy 1

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